Saturday, June 7, 2008

Viky Sianipar - Toba Dream

Viky Sianipar, who's undoubtedly lives in the age of modern society with variety genres of music, yet carries the heritage of Batak's blood, explores the path of its traditions, original music, and combining it with the modern language such as rock, pop, and a bit of jazz. Inresult, you'd listen a bit of Santana or Joe Satriani, with the original music from the Land of Batak, Indonesia. Batak lays on the northern part of Sumatera Island, one of 5 major islands in Indonesia, next to Java, Bali, and the Celebes. As Indonesia may had been previously well known with its Gamelan music (from Java), which most people might have been fully aware of it. But in this album, you'll find a bit more drumming, such as Gondang Toba, which is a 6 piece drum, a sort of Kitaro-like piece of music. Or Gondang Karo, the smallest drum in the world (only 3-4 inches in diameter), that's on track Piso Surit, truly a new age music style.

In short, this album will give its best contribution to enter the genre of World Music, where all new sounds will emerge and collaborated. This album is done by some good people who gave their best talents in singing, playing traditional instruments (the Gondang and traditional flute, the Seruling and traditional oboe-like, the Sarune), a violinist player (you might listen to it as you listen to The Corrs) with Viky himself playing all Guitar tracks, Keyboards, the drum loops programming, and most of all, he is the one who did the arrangement of all tracks, surely the one who responsible for all of this. People of the world might already aware of Javanese gamelan or Balinese dance and music. Now, it is time to set a new course and explore the beautiful sounds of Batak's music with its uniqueness and exciting sounds, under the baton of Viky Sianipar.

Title : Batak Song
Artist : Viky Sianipar
Album : Toba Dream
Featuring : Viktor Hutabarat, Tetty Manurung, Johnson Hutagalung, Korem Sihombing, Megawati Sihombing, Maylafayza
Production : MS Productions
Year : 2002

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Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Ansideng Ansidoding (feat. Korem Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Cikala Pongpong
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Kacang Koro (feat. Mega Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Palti Raja (feat. Maylaffayza on violin)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Piso Surit (feat. Mega Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Serma Dengan Dengan (feat. Mega Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - O Tao Toba (feat. Tetty Manurung & Johnson Hutagalung)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - O Tano Batak (feat. Tetty Manurung & Victor Hutabarat)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Tano Toba (feat. Mega Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Tortorhon (feat. Mega Sihombing)
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Toba Smile Part 1
Download Mp3 Viky Sianipar - Toba Smile Part 2

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